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Uitvoerende productie voor feature film Feast. Regie Tim Leyendekker, producent seriousFilm.

Premiere during the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2021 | world premiere | in Tiger Award competition | winner of the Prix Loridan-Ivens at Cinéma du Réel

Based on the infamous Groningen HIV case, in which three men drugged other men and infected them with their own HIV-infected blood, Feast is a bold and provocative film that skillfully reflects the questions of life, death and morality that have emerged from one of the most disquieting stories in contemporary Dutch life.

Unfolding over seven individual vignettes, each directed by Tim Leyendekker but shot in collaboration with a diverse range of cinematographers, Feast blends reportage and surrealism, disbelief and empathy to unpack the repercussions and reverberations of a singularly shocking series of events.

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